Windows 7 Support Ends On 1/14/2019

Windows 7 support will be ending on January 14, 2019. What does this mean exactly? Here are some high-level insights for you to help better understand what this means and how it may impact you.


Windows Updates are important because this is where you get all your security patches, bug fixes, feature updates, driver updates, and more. Lack of updates can impact everything from how secure your personal information is to printers not working to websites not loading — virtually anything and everything. While you may hear many people complain about how an update “broke” their computer, overall, you are far better off having the latest updates, patches and drivers on your computer.


When Microsoft stops supporting an operating system it impacts more than the users. All the publishers of software applications like Adobe Reader, Google’s Chrome Browser, Firefox, etc. are given specific guidelines and programming routines in order to execute properly on your computer. Once an operating system reaches end-of-life, Microsoft stops supporting these integrations and it becomes harder for these application vendors to maintain their products. What does this mean? These applications become less secure as time goes by and can even stop working at some point.


The easiest path to getting your computer up-to-date is upgrading your Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10. This upgrade, assuming your hardware meets the minimum requirements, is a fairly easy process and keeps all your files, settings and applications intact.

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