Amazing things happen when systems work the way they're supposed to. Optimized networks, securely backed up data, and workstations that are up-to-date. Employees are more productive, and maintenance costs are more predictable.

Many IT service providers focus on fixing broken computers and reactively removing viruses, leading to increased billable hours. Unfortunately, this approach only gets you back to where you were yesterday.

Your IT Department, LLC takes a proactive and preventive approach, ensuring worry free IT operations that enable our clients to focus on operational excellence and business growth.

Imagine affordable, predictable IT maintenance costs that lead to higher productivity.

Let us show you how easy it can be to get your IT resources in order and start focusing on what matters: Growing your business!

24/7 Monitoring

Your business depends on your network infrastructure. Your IT Department, LLC provides 24/7/365 monitoring of all your critical systems. In the event of a hardware failure or critical issue, we are notified immediately to assure your network and systems are back online as quickly as possible.

Service Desk Support

Service Desk support is provided for all our clients via a secure client portal, email, and telephone. For faster resolution remote control tools and other technologies are used. We will work to resolve your issue in an expedited fashion; and if we cannot resolve over the phone, we will send someone to your business to get the issue resolved.

Scheduled Visits

Onsite visits are necessary to maintain a solid understanding of your business needs, build relationships and perform any hands-on repairs. We will meet with a designated contact to ensure that technology stays aligned with business operations, and discuss any future projects that support evolving business requirements.

Windows Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Firewalls

Your IT Department, LLC supports Dell, HP, IBM and other name brand servers and desktops using Remote Monitoring and Management technologies. We also support most major-brand security peripherals, as well as SonicWall; Cisco/Linksys; Barracuda; and Microsoft Windows Server.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

Your IT Department, LLC provides solutions to protect your network from malicious threats. We can provide reports to show status of averted threats on your network. Proactive ‘fire prevention’ beats reactive ‘fire extinguisher heroics’ every time.

Apple MacBooks and Desktops

We have experience supporting Mac OS X including integration of Macs with Windows Active Directory as well as integration of Windows clients to Mac Server OS X.

Data Backup and Restore

We configure and manage the backup of your important and mission-critical data. If a problem is detected, we immediately work to resolve the issue. Multiple platforms are supported; including on-site back-up to disk and internet backup. Your data backups are extremely critical to the security of your business.

IT Strategy Development

Technology and business alignment is critical to the success of growing businesses. We provide Business Technology Officer services including executive decision support, budgeting and business continuity planning. Skills required for IT leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies to help you take your business to the next level.


Email has become extremely important for businesses today. If you have been without your email for even a short time, you would agree. We support on-premise and hosted Exchange solutions, as well as non-Exchange options. We can also work with you to determine the most cost effective solution for your business.


New servers, network re-engineering, branch-office build-outs or application deployment: we can help with planning, deployment, testing and implementation. We will work with you until completion and then step back once our work is done, or help you define a maintenance and sustainability plan.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With the amount of travel required today, remote access to your network is critical. We can configure a secure encrypted solution to allow remote users to securely access company resources.

Mac / Windows Integration

Does your office use Apple workstations AND Windows PCs? We can help you connect your Apple clients to Windows servers and consolidate your data and backups.